There are many good things to be said about galvanized standing rigging, but early on we decided not to use galvanized wire but stainless steel because we didn’t want to service endless lengths of stays with gunky stuff that sticks to your hands and cloths every time you touch it.

It was also clear that we didn’t want wedged or screwed on terminals because of the frequent big load changes that a traditionally rather loose rig goes through when sailing. These shrouds always fatigue at the point where the wire exits the terminal.

And thirdly we wanted 1 x 19 wire instead of 7×7 because it is lighter and slicker for equal strength.

Do you think – as so many others – that 1×19 is impossible to splice? Think again and check for more details.

Flexible 7×7 wire used for the running back stays

Now is it possible to splice 1×19 wire? Brion Toss inspired me to try it (The Complete Riggers Apprentice). I started out on thiner stuff to try it and graduated later to 12mm for EMMA.

Still 8mm 7×7 in the works

This is the heavy stuff – 12mm 1×19 wire. Once you get the hang of it it is easier than the finer stuff.

This is a finished place holder stay for the jib which can be set when there is no jib in action. The jibs have their own internal anti torsion lines and are stored in the sail locker away from the elements when not in use.

Load test on one of the first 1×19 splices – more than working load and not the slightest movement in the splice.

No terminals on top neither – just a loop around the mast, serviced with an additional waterproof jacket.

Tarred polypropylene is the last layer of servicing the eyes that will go around the mast