Before you can finish the boom, you need to know where your out-haul and reefing points go. For that you need to have the sail. We were very happy to work with Holmsegel from Schleswig who are not only knowledgeable in modern sail making but also can show some convincing references with traditional gaff rigs.

EMMA’s main sail fresh from the sailmaker. We simulated reefing and determined all the relevant measures on the boom.


On the road again – back to the workshop for fitting the reefing combs.

It is nice when the wind blows just from the right direction and with the right strength to determine the sheet leads…The plastic curtain is there to protect the topside paint from occasional drips from the paint stripper.


That looks about right – rather for nostalgia reasons then out of necessity we used strop blocks for the jib. The lead aft to the winch is run through a loop which can be adusted in height. By releasing this barber the jib can be depowered from the helm station without touching the sheet.


The schooner sail is boomless – less danger of banging ones head and more sail power


The position of the schooner sail lead is detremined by an ajustable flying loop and short whisker poles for more open wind angles. The gaff has a control line at the tip which also serves as a topping lift when the sails are furled. (The brown streaks on the hull are from run off with oak dust from the gunwale project.)


All sails in position – ready for the first sunset sail