On one of her first outings under sail in September 2020 EMMA joined the fleet of traditional boats on the Limfjorden Rundt. We were not officially participating, but could not pass up this opportunity to sail alongside these beautiful ships and to see how our speed matched up.
On the following clips windspeed is well above the 4 Bft. range. After queuing up behind the boats at the start of the Limfjorden Rundt course between Struer and Nykobing, EMMA is pressing along on a close haul gauging her speed against other traditional boats, some of them considerably larger.


We were very pleased with her speed as well as her stability, as well as the comfort and safety of the wide deck. With time, we knew where to sit without being splashed by the waves coming through the scuppers.


There’s an automatic deck wash feature when she’s heeled over.



Little EMMA chasing the fleet … (Photo Knud Christensen)


…and overtaking a couple of boats! What joy to see that this is possible – and we don’t even have all the sails up! (Photo Knud Christensen)