Sorry, no helicopter pad. But we have a lovely, sturdy ladder for those who board from the sea. Once again, a woodworking project for the winter months.

Robenia, aka Black Locust, is a hard and dense wood used often in boatbuilding.

Finger grips for weary deck-divers …

Varnished and ready for transport – w/ bronze hardware (protected by tape in this photo) from Davey & Co. (England)


And here’s our gangplank, made of spruce and larch. The close lattice is a strong deterrent to all persons in high heels.

The grooves were individually bored out and then cut. This is where sharp tools come into play …

All assembled into a frame and used to measure the larch crosspieces.

Part of the hardward mounted in …

Delicate gluing!

One of the “planks”, assembled.

As you might imagine, the varnishing was … um … tricky and slow-going. But the result is worth it!