Walter Müller is …. (and of course some super-bluffy fotos!!)

Stacy Müller (-Bühler) was once a professional graphic designer and is now a movement therapist specializing in tai chi and qigong. She loves water. She met Walter while chartering a sailboat in the US Virgin Islands in the 1980s and decided to move to the island of St. John to be with Walter and to learn to windsurf in a warm climate.

After moving back to California and then to Switzerland and becoming parents, Stacy and Walter decided to shift their watersport activities back from boards to boats and spent vacations bareboat chartering with friends and family in Greece (Cycladic Islands 1993), the Caribbean (BVI & USVI 1995), Corsica (2000), Greece again (Athens – Patras 2003), Greece yet again (Sporadic Islands 2005), Turkey (2006… had we known that it was so much nicer than Greece then we would have gone here earlier!), and Sweden (Stockholm archipelago 2014). All in all 15 weeks on board and who knows how many miles. But just a drop in the bucket compared to Walter’s experience.

Stacy got her lake sailor’s licence in 2003 and has been been sailing actively with Walter on their oldtimer Lacustre yacht ( on the Lake of Zürich. (Stacy prefers relaxed distance-regattas and sunset sails to course regattas but when she does participate she usually works the foredeck.)

In Sweden with the Lacustre – Best sailing ever !!


Team Müller with masks and gloves attending to brightwork.


Müllers on Porzana in Sweden.


Müllers on Porzana on Lake Constance.