We (Walter and Stacy Müller) are thankful for the services, help, goodwill, knowledge and talent of the following members of «Team Emma» :

First and foremost: Henry Kristensen (builder of Emma)
After we secured the option to buy his boat, Henry continued to maintain her and work on many projects. The masts were still in his workshop and he had the connections for the custom made metal parts as well as all of the infrastructure needed (using large halls for the final painting and assembly, organizing cranes, building carts to transport the masts … and much more). He continues to build and add beautiful elements as the project progresses. It was very reassuring to know that someone here was checking on the boat on a daily basis. We deeply respect his building skills and knowledge as well as his detailled, graceful design sense combined with the hard work and determination it takes to constuct a schooner by hand!
Thank you for everything Henry!

Henrik Støvlbæk Krog (Sillerslev Marina)
Whenever we needed to get up on the slip we relied on Henrik and his marina services. The tools and the materials for maintenance are all at hand. And then there were the special operations, auch as lifting Walter up in the backhoe (fun!) for topmast-maintenance as well as helping us in and out of tight spaces in the harbor.
Thank you Henrik!

Ger Schmitz (Holm Sails, Schleswig)
We chose these sailmakers because they had a lot of experience with the classic rigs, but also because they employ ultra-modern sailmaking technology and are thus capable of creating optimal sail shapes for «old fashioned» boats. The location was perfect – close enough to be able to go up to Northern Denmark to see and measure the project … and also on our route, so that we could drop off spars and gaff booms for custom measurements and pick up the sails that had been made.
Thank you Ger!

Andreas Svane (Joiner/boat builder/Zimmermann, who is currently building the interior)
We have chosen Andreas for the ultra-challenging job of fitting a living space into Emma: Her thick oak walls make the interior even smaller than one might imagine, and all the amenities will have to share space with all the systems needed to keep us sustained for long stretches on the ocean. We are awed by the beauty and craftsmanship of his other projects and look forward to living in the «Tiny Tiny Tiny Home» that he will create. Andreas carefully and successfully organized the transport from a nearby harbor to his workshop (which is located in a gorgeously outfitted historic farm building) thus optimizing the potential for success on this complex project.
Thank you Andreas!