With her thick oak walls and limited standing room, Emma does not offer the type of interior space that sailors are used to when they charter their Beneteaus in the Med. We plan to build a classic, simple, multifunctional and aesthically pleasing space to live, eat and work – but without the usual “yachty luxury look” that one sees on the covers of most boating magazines. As with “tiny houses”, we’re aiming for simplification and clean optics … and for those who might need more space, there’s lots of room on deck.

The interior work is planned for Winter 2021/22.

Kitchen area / gangway sketch: imagining how the waste bins could double as stairs …


The forepeak is a tiny space that might house one (very flexible) crew member as well as a lot of supplies and the anchor chain.


The galley area has standing room and we can add lots of storage into the wider areas below deck.

Volume mockup of the galley appliances and systems

Looking down the gangway with galley mockup. The cold beers will be directly to the left of the ladder – easy access !!

The lining under construction.


Walls without lining. (This is a view into our sleeping cabin space).


The entry into the main cabin. (There is an aft cabin with motor and wc and storage).


In the smaller cabin / motor room (nice and warm!) where we imagine the wc being installed, the motor under a workbench, simple washing facilities and all sorts of storage to aft. This space will also be filled with diesel tanks and prehaps also water tanks. We will probably create a small connection through the bulkhead to access this cabin internally if we need to, and to allow air circulation, but general access will be over the deck. Where are the showers, you might ask? On deck!

Sometimes you have to make a hole in the hull.

The “petite throne” next to the engine.