This lovely strip-planked dinghy will be the Tender to (T. T. ) Emma. Thanks to a tip from intrepid internet-searching friends we were able to purchase her and pick her up in Northern Germany. She has been hence outfitted with sideboards, mast and tiller/rudder and W. has sewn a lugsail for her (thanks, Sailrite!). She will eventually hang off the stern from sturdy oak davits.

A first test with an opti-sized sail proved to be insuffieicent. We’ll have to sew a larger one … and it looks like W. has a few woodworking projects ( mast base / side boards / tiller / boom and yard ) … 🙂


Now she has a bridge for the mast, a mast base, sideboards and a tiller.


We ordered a Sailrite Lugsail kit and W repurposed our living room as a sail loft.


Almost there! First we need to build a hollow boom and a hollow yard ….


The “Bird’s Mouth” method, once again …


Finishing touches


And ….. a leatherworking project (oarlock barriers)